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Visual person? SEE what Exchange gives me.

In a word, our hosted Exchange service is AWESOME. You might be thinking "how can one email service be so much different than another?" Well, here are some visual comparisons of some of what you get when your back end mail system is hosted by SimplifiedIT on powerful Exchange servers.


There are MANY more features, but here are probably the most compelling.


1. You get a free copy of Outlook 2007 while you use our service. Great for users who use older versions of Office, or a version of Office such as Home and Student Edition which does not come with Outlook. This is a $200 value.


2. An out of office assistant that is easy to access and actually works.

Out of office replies


3. Delegate other employees to help you stay organized while keeping security in check. A new Delegates tab shows up in the options screen when you use our service. Here you can add multiple co-workers all with different levels of security. Examples of shared calendars and shared contacts below, but the others essentially work the same.

Delegate to assistants


4. Shared Calendars that allow you to see when your co-workers are free, have your assistant book appointments directly on your calendar. You can also individually grant any level of permission depending on what you'd like any coworker to see, from nothing, to free time, all the way to full access.

Share calendars

5. Shared Contacts allows your assistant to add contacts to your contact list, copy contacts from your list and so on. Once again, permissions are completely customizable.

Share contacts


6. If you are really busy, you can also delegate your inbox. This way your assistant can check your mail for you and when they reply it will show that it's from them but on your behalf so they can't impersonate you.

Open other mailboxes


7. Outlook Web Access (OWA) allows you to access ALL your mail ALL your contacts and ALL your calendar appointments and it's always in sync. What you see in Outlook on your work computer will be the same information you see while accessing your mail remotely via a web browser. You can even set out of office replies, mail rules and many other settings through OWA.

OWA inbox, contacts and calendar.